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Our Company History

Enlarging of our Market Offering over the past 24 years

With the expansion of our Market Offering over the course of the years CORINT has step-by-step grown from a single production site to a group of companies supplying customers throughout Europe. On this page we like to share with you an overview of our Company History and the products that lead to this growth:

1994: CORINT Core

1999: CORINT Board

2002: LW Packaging

In 1994, after many years of working experience in the Paper Honeycomb industry, our managers founded CORINT to start production of Continuous Paper Honeycomb Core.  Their mission then: simply to provide the best possible Paper Honeycomb Core for your sandwich product at a competitive price. The name CORINT reflects this mission, being an aggregation of the words core and interior.

At the time, the production process of Paper Honeycomb Core was a traditional and uncontrolled process, resulting in large height fluctuations and an unevenly shaped cell structure and consequently weaknesses in the sandwich product. To fulfill their mission our managers decided to do things different and introduce a new and innovative continuous production system to the European market. In 1994, we set up our first production line with the founding of CORINT France in Joigny, France. Since then our production capacity for Paper Honeycomb Core has been enlarged several times with the founding of CORINT Sud in Orthez, France in 1996 and the movement of CORINT France to our current plant in St-Julien du Sault, France in 2002. Continuous development to our production system has enabled us to achieve maximum control over all product parameters, resulting in the next generation of Paper Honeycomb Core: CORINT Core.

In 1999, to expand our Market Offering and use our competences in the production and appliance of CORINT Core, we introduced a new product: Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Board. A lightweight sandwich construction where the Paper Honeycomb Core has been expanded and laminated between two paper facings. Production was started up in 1999 with the expansion of our plant in Orthez, France. Because of the highly efficient and controlled production of CORINT Core, combined with its lightweight yet with high strength qualities it became possible for us to produce a very high quality and sustainable Sandwich Board Material: CORINT Board.

CORINT Board is used widely for construction purposes but also as a packaging material. Because of its low weight it is easy to handle and does not add weight to the product being shipped. By choosing the correct combination of Facing material and Core Type it can work either as a very rigid packaging component or as a buffer (cushioning) material to protect the packaged product from damage. Being made from recycled fibers based paper and water-based glue it provides a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based packaging products such as EPS.

In order to make maximum use of these qualities our Managers decided to once again expand our activities to provide our clients with customized, diverse LightWeight Packaging Solutions made from CORINT Board.

In 2001, we again enlarged our facility in Orthez to begin production of LW Pads and LW Pallets. To best serve our customers, we developed specialized equipment to offer a wide range of Processing Options. One year later, in 2002 our managers decided to found a new company in The Netherlands dedicated to the production of our new line of LightWeight Packaging Solutions. The name Honeycomb Packaging reflects this mission. With 10 years of experience in the production of Paper Honeycomb Packaging products we are ready to assist you with the development of a cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution for your product.

Today, under our managers directions we remain true to their original mission and continuously strive to provide you with the best possible Paper Honeycomb product for your application, be it as a construction material or for packaging purposes. Our attitude for doing business is:  We supply the tools.. You build the success!


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