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Our Range of Paper Honeycomb Products

Our main products


Continuous Paper Honeycomb Core

CORINT Paper Honeycomb Core is an exceptionally strong, versatile and lightweight core filling material used in the construction of interior doors, lightweight furniture, room partitions, automotive components and more.

CORINT Core is available in a wide range of widths, heights, paper grammages and cell sizes to best meet your specific application needs in a cost-effective manner.


Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Board

Corint Board is a sandwich construction made of expanded Corint Core laminated between a variety of Paper-based facing materials. Our Board offers a high strength-to-weight ratio and is widely used as a construction material for varying applications.

When ordered with a white, printable paper surface, Corint Board becomes an excellent presentation material for exhibition stands, signs, display cabinets and so on.

Our LightWeight Packaging Solutions

Discover the qualities of Paper Honeycomb as a highly flexible and cost-effective Mono Packaging Material. Using modern equipment we transform our Board into a wide variety of Lightweight Packaging Solutions to help secure your products from damage during product transportation and handling in a sustainable way.  Our Market Offering includes, but is not restricted to, the below examples:

LW Pads

Stabilize your products on pallets during transport

Optimize your product stacking height with our Light Weight Pads. These die-cut CORINT Boards are widely used in the yarns- foils- and machine parts industry to reinforce the stability of irregular shaped goods on pallets during transport.

We offer our Pads in dimensions up to 1500x1250mm with heights from 12mm up to 60mm. We can help you with the design of a die-cutting or punch-cutting pattern to optimally accomodate your specific product dimensions and handling needs.

LW Spacers

Separate your products during transport

Make maximum use of your packing space with our Light Weight Spacers and protect your products from damaging each other during transport. The paper honeycomb structure of our Spacers ensures optimal energy absorption and dampens the transfer of shocks to the product being shipped.

We offer our Spacers in widths starting from 50mm, in lengths up to 3250mm and in heights from 12mm up to 90mm.

LW Fillers

In-box Void Fillers to fixate your products

Ecologize your packaging with our sustainable in-box Paper Honeycomb void fillers. By choosing the correct combination of  Facing material and Core Type these cost-effective fillers can work either as a very rigid packaging component or as a buffer (cushioning) material to protect the packaged product from damage.

Our LW Fillers are offered in size starting from 100x100mm and heights from 12mm up to 90mm.

LW Pallets

Lightweight, export restrictions free Pallets

With an own weight of less then 2 kg our Paper Honeycomb Pallets can bear loads up to 2000kg and provide a lightweight and hygienic alternative to wooden pallets. If you are shipping a full truckload then swap pallet weight for product weight, optimize your packing space by ordering fit-to-size pallets and save on overall logistic costs.

Our LW Pallets are fully configurable and are offered with different runner types, have a smooth, flat and dry Corint Board deck and come in any size up to 1200x5000mm.

LW Roll Guards

Lightweight wedges to fixate your rolls

Our EUMOS 40509 certified wedges are made from Paper Honeycomb Core and are used to fixate your rolls for horizontal transportation. With an optional adhesive layer these can be fixed on pallets without the use of tools.

We produce 2 different types of wedges in length up to 1m50 for usage of roll diameters from 300mm to 1500mm.

LW CargoTOPs

Improve the stackability of your pallets

Durable, splinter-free and an economical alternative to wooden decking, our top panels create a flat surface on top of pallets that enable our customers to stack their goods higher. Our LW CargoTOPs are ISEGA certified to be used in contact with food packaging materials.

We produce our LW CargoTOPs in several qualities, each engineered for specific industries and in maximum sizes of 1500x1500mm.


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